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X-Epil Premium soft gel resin strips for sensitive skin on the face - 12 pcs

X-Epil Premium soft gel resin strips for sensitive skin on the face - 12 pcs

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An effective, quick solution for silky soft skin, without compromises.

Thanks to its special gel texture,  it makes hair removal in the areas of the mustache and chin even easier and faster. It can be used anywhere, anytime, because you don't need to rub or heat the resin strips to separate them. After waxing, the skin will be silky soft and have a pleasant fruity scent. The X-Epil oil wipe after waxing helps to remove wax residues left on the skin, and its ingredients soothe the skin.

Before using the resin strips, please read and follow the precautions carefully. The skin must be perfectly clean, free of grease and dry when using the resin strip. Before waxing, use a dusting powder to absorb moisture, and make sure the hairs are at least 2-3 mm long.

Box contents: 12 X-Epil gel resin strips (6 double-sided), 2 oil wipes after waxing

Why choose X-Epil ready-to-use premium gel resin strips? 

  • premium quality,
  • easy and convenient use,
  • hair removal can be done anywhere, anytime,
  • can be used by people with normal and sensitive skin,
  • results in silky and soft skin,
  • smoothness lasting up to 28 days, 
  • leaves behind a pleasant fruity scent. 


           Make sure the hairs are at least 2-3 mm long.

  1. Before use, the skin must be perfectly clean, dry, free of oil and moisturizer. It is advisable to use dusting powder before waxing, which absorbs moisture. 
  2. Carefully separate the strips.
  3. Apply the strip with your palm or fingertips to the area to be waxed with strong pressure and smooth it 3-4 times in the same direction as the hair growth with firm movements. 
  4. Stretch the skin with one hand, and with the other hand remove the strip in a quick, firm motion in the opposite direction of hair growth, staying close to the skin. 
  5. To remove the resin left on the skin, use the X-Epil After-waxing oil wipe in the box.
  6. The strips can be reused until they lose their hair removal effect.
  7. It is recommended to use the X-Epil post-hair removal soothing gel to soothe and hydrate the skin that has been stressed during waxing.
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