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X-Epil Roll-on Wax with Aloe Vera for Happy Roll 50ml

X-Epil Roll-on Wax with Aloe Vera for Happy Roll 50ml

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Recommended for dry, sensitive skin types.

A resin cartridge enriched with aloe vera , with a wide roller head, which can also be used for other types of waxing machine, which can hold a 50 ml cartridge.

Recommended for dry, sensitive skin.

Before use, carefully read the instructions for use and the precautions! Before the first use, perform a skin test on a small area of ​​skin, and if you do not notice an adverse skin reaction within 24 hours, you can continue hair removal. The skin must be perfectly clean/dry.


  1. Make sure the hairs are at least 2-3 mm long.
  2. Clean the skin surface to be treated from dirt, oil stains and sweat, and from dead skin cells using a gentle scrub. It is worth applying dusting powder to the cleaned skin, thus helping the hairs to stick to the resin better.
  3. Heat the resin in the X-Epil Happy Roll waxing machine. The temperature of the resin should always be checked before use.
  4. Apply the heated resin in a thin layer using the roller head to the completely dry, fat-free skin, in the same direction as the hair grows.
  5. Smooth the peel-off strip onto it, then pull it off with a firm movement parallel to the skin surface in the direction opposite to hair growth.
  6. Use the X-Epil post-waxing cleansing oil or the X-Epil post-waxing oil wipe to remove any wax left on the skin. We recommend the use of X-Epil post-hair removal soothing gel to relieve and soothe skin redness.
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