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X-Epil Woman razor cartridge with 4 blades/4pcs

X-Epil Woman razor cartridge with 4 blades/4pcs

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4-blade refillable shaving insert for the X-Epil Women's shaver only. The strip infused with vitamin E and Aloe reduces irritation and makes shaving easier. The shaver head can be washed for easier cleaning. 

The refill can be easily connected to the X-Epil women's shaver. 


  1. Pay attention to whether there are any changes/injuries on the skin you want to shave, which you must pay attention to during shaving.
  2. Clean the surface to be shaved with warm water, then use X-Epil Intim washing gel for perfect results.
  3. Remove the clear cap from the razor blade.
  4. Shave the body surface with gentle movements.
  5. Rinse the blades a few times with running water while shaving.
  6. Clean the shaver head with warm water after use.
  7. Keep the razor dry and clean until the next use.
  8. After depilation, it is recommended to use the X-Epil post-depilation soothing gel.  


Keep away from children. For safe storage, use the protective cap.

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