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X-Epil Woman razor with 4 blades

X-Epil Woman razor with 4 blades

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The X-Epil women's shaver with replaceable heads always comes in handy when you are short on time, but you still want your skin to be hair-free and sexy. Its 4-bladed head can cut hairs right at the root, thus providing a thorough and effective hair removal experience.

Thanks to the cream strip soaked in vitamin E and aloe vera on the razor head, it not only glides easily on the skin surface, but also moisturizes and soothes it, thus reducing skin irritation during shaving. Its ergonomically designed handle fits well and precisely in the hand and guarantees a secure grip in all positions, even in hard-to-reach places. The tilting head follows the unevenness of the leather surface and always keeps the blades parallel to it for the best cutting efficiency. The connection of the razor head is ensured by a metal switch, which enables a proper attachment, and at the same time facilitates the replacement of used blades. Due to the special design of the razor head, it can be easily washed, so frequent cleaning prevents the chance of hairs getting stuck between the blades of traditional razors. 

Package contents: 1 razor 

Why choose X-Epil's razor designed for sensitive skin:

  • With its 4-bladed head, it effectively cuts hairs after just one pull, leaving behind a smooth skin surface
  • Thanks to its creamy strip, it glides easily on the skin surface
  • Its cream strip infused with aloe vera and vitamin E hydrates the skin and reduces irritation
  • Its flexible head always fits the skin and follows its irregularities
  • Due to the design of the open head, it can be easily washed and cleaned under running water
  • The head of the razor is provided with a metal connection for perfect fixation
  • Its ergonomic handle fits well in the hand and ensures a secure grip
  • The shaver head can be changed with an easy movement of the hand 


  1. Pay attention to whether there are any changes/injuries on the skin you want to shave, which you must pay attention to during shaving.
  2. Clean the surface to be shaved with warm water, then use X-Epil Intim washing gel for perfect results.
  3. Shave the body surface with gentle movements.
  4. Rinse the blades a few times with running water while shaving.
  5. Clean the shaver head with warm water after use.
  6. Keep the razor dry and clean until the next use. 
  7. After depilation, it is recommended to use the X-Epil post-depilation soothing gel. 


Keep away from children.

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